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STEP 1: purposefully bump into girl(make sure you are typing into your calculator while doing this)

STEP 2: say “im sorry. i didnt you, i was taking inventory of all my lizards”

STEP 3: make sure she sees the number 42069666 on the screen

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if you think you have seen everything about gerard please give a special welcome to feminist gerard

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in other happy news i once posted here a photo of a cat that sometimes came to my garden and i gave her food…. well now she’s coming to my house everyday!!! and she is in the house and she goes to my bedroom and everywhere and i give her food aND SHES SO CUTE and it feels like im owning the cat u know she’s fab ilyher

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A Schott´s Perfecto leather motorcycle jacket painted by Keith Haring, 1988. / Artestar

fashionwell l
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I knew a man once who said, “Death smiles at us all. All a man can do is smile back.” - the gladiator

getting back up. dusting it off. my dad used to tell me the most important part of any of it was getting back up on the horse- i didnt grow up on a farm- but it still applied. david vs. goliath, us vs them, you vs. the world… brains, talent and luck are great but heart will always trump them. that is the sentiment of this video. thank you for bearing with us while we finished it… the greatest story ever to me will always be the unexpected… when the loser wins, when the clouds clear the day might just turn out alright…

Watch the video for Centuries + look out for the surprise guest appearance from Rick Ross

Download the song on iTunes, or listen on Spotify

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LA, October 1st x

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Title: 2004 Gerard vs. 2014 Gerard
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Title: Lullaby
Artist: The Cure
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you are not my friend / september 2014

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LA-based graphic designer Liza Nelson creates photographic homages to Emoji.
Emojis mean everything and they mean nothing at the same time.They’re completely personal and completetly universalThey’re really quite stupid. And they’re the best thing that ever happened to our generation.”

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